Discover For Yourself How Our Personal Publicity Programs Help You Create The Business Of Your Dreams

As I tell my coaching and consulting clients all the time:

You can reach your goals by breaking down walls.

Or you can walk through the door.

I prefer the door.

I show you how to get there easily.


Take a moment and decide which of our Personal Publicity Programs best meets where you are now, and shows you the best path to where you want to be.

Option #1: The BFF Program

BFFWhat do you call someone who is your advocate, your cheerleader, your mentor and your accountability partner who won’t let you lie to yourself? It’s your BFF!

Forget the labels of "coach" and "consultant" – this is something entirely new.

It’s what you always imagined coaching to be. This relationship is meant for you if you’ve ever said, “Just give me the answer, please. Don’t give me the theory. Tell me what to do.”

Bring your ideas to Dan and you’ll get honest feedback on what’s hot and what’s not. Plus, he’s a master at creativity and innovation so he’ll spin your idea three ways to make it even better. Don’t believe it? He’ll do a no-obligation call so toss him your idea and see what he can do with it. Your idea will shine brighter and you’ll want to join the BFF program.

Here’s how you’ll take your business to the next level:

  • You get answers to your questions about your messages and the media (and social media), feedback on your materials (press releases, articles, story ideas, blogging posts, social media persona and anything else that comes out of your brain).
  • You'll also get access to Dan Janal personally (not an "assistant coach") via phone or email.
  • Media training for specific interviews so your phone will ring with qualified economic buyers.
  • Discover your talking points for the media so you get your point across and be seen as a thought leader.
  • Create powerful sound bites so your media interviews are memorable and quotable.

Investment: Only $995 per month, ongoing.

Return on Investment: If you charge $5,000 for a speech, you’ll make your money back with one sale!


Option #2: Brand Builder Program

brandingYou want to be the thought leader in your category so you can get more business and exert more influence, but you need help getting there.

You are the “best kept secret on the planet.”

If you need someone who can actually DO the work, not just tell you what to do, this is the program for you.

Dan and his team will help you:

  • Create your editorial marketing materials so your thought leadership clearly positions you as the leader in your category
  • Craft your content marketing - one article, one blog post and one press release each month.
  • Distribute them to the media – via PR Newswire and via direct email to your top media contacts.

Don’t have media contacts? Don’t worry. We’ll create a comprehensive media list for you.

Don’t confuse this program with our standard press release service. This is a highly customized, personalized program with just you in mind.

Investment: Only $2,500 per month. Four-month minimum.

Return on Investment: If you charge $10,000 for a small project, you’ll make your money back with one sale!


Option #3: Media Multiplier Program - A Comprehensive Media Marketing Audit and Action Plan

media-multiplierYou’ll receive an action plan that you and your team can implement to build your sales funnel with qualified economic buyers who want to give you contracts.

Dan will personally review your current media marketing efforts and social media strategy to see how well it aligns with your ultimate goals.

He doesn’t believe in tweeting into the wind and seeing what sticks. Every message should have a meaning and lead to a result.

Dan and you will work together to see:

  • What's working so you can keep on doing that.
  • What you are doing right so you get validation in case you weren't sure.
  • What you are doing wrong and didn’t realize it because you are too close to your own story.
  • What you don't know that you should be doing (because you are an expert in your field, not an expert in media marketing!)

You’ll receive an action plan that you and your team can implement to build your sales funnel.

Deliverables: The Comprehensive Media Marketing Audit Action Plan Will Help You:

Get Your Game Plan Going:

  • Clearly identify your most profitable markets. Many consultants say they can help everyone, but smart consultants know how to find the perfect companies to work with. The 80-20 rule applies here. You’ll find that you’ll get most of your income from a very well defined market. You’ll also find which markets are easier to reach - and more cost effective - and which ones are easier to sell to so you save time and energy. You’ll do an exercise to show you how to identify your ideal client. You’d be surprised at how many people waste resources chasing the wrong prospects!
  • Understand the psychographic profile of your key influencers and economic buyers so you’ll know how to reach them, how to approach them and how to build rapport with them. You’ll know to create messages, articles, blog posts, videos and tweets that influence the people who count.
  • Create detailed profiles of 5 influencers or economic buyers.
  • Create or enhance your branding, tag lines and key messages.

Social Media:

  • Launch a campaign to reach your target market using social media. If they are online, they’ll help you find them.
  • Determine on which social media platforms your target buyer participates so you don’t waste time and money. You’ll be assured your targets are using that social media platform so you can reach them with your messages.
  • Dramatically improve your LinkedIn Profile so prospects who check you out will be impressed. No matter how good your profile is now, chances are you aren’t taking complete advantage of all the new features and opportunities LinkedIn offers you.
  • Identify 5 LinkedIn Groups showing where your key influencers are members so you can create your brand in front of their eyes.
  • Target 5 keywords to use that get your articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and other content indexed on Google so you stand a better chance of being found on Google when people search for people like you.
  • Create 1 personalized script that builds your brand when you invite economic buyers and influencers on LinkedIn so you’ll get more connections with potential buyers. Serious prospects don’t accept invitations from people on LinkedIn who send generic invitations.
  • Create 1 article to publish on LinkedIn each month to attract prospects.

Traditional Media:

  • Create a traditional media campaign. You’ll know how to reach your influencers and economic buyers.
  • Find traditional media outlets your target buyer reads.
  • Create targeted media list of writers at key publications so you can easily email messages to them.
  • Identify 5 traditional media outlets to contact, complete with names and contact information for editors/reporters who could write about you.
  • Create 3 story ideas from your IP that you can pitch to the media - so you create your brand and positioning with the media and with your influencers.
  • Write 3 pitch letters and phone scripts for key media outlets. You can use this script to pitch the media so they will want to write about you and quote you in their articles.
  • Create an editorial calendar of press releases and articles for each month to help build findability on Google. Writing and distribution is part of execution/implementation phase noted in Option 2 – Brand Building.
  • Prep before every major phone call or media opportunity.
  • Feedback on you ideas.
  • Discover your talking points for the media so you get your point across.
  • Create sound bites so your media interviews are memorable and quotable.

The Process: Dan will interview you via phone or Skype several times to help you create your unique messages, identify your key prospects and target markets and uncover your strengths that you might not know you have, your weaknesses which might surprise you and your opportunities which will delight you.

Dan will do independent research as needed and will present the findings (i.e. contacts, scripts) to you in a report within 30 days of the first interview session.

Investment: $9,500.

Return on Investment: If you charge $10,000 for a speech, you’ll make your money back with one sale!


See The Results Other Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, and Authors Have Gained From Working With Dan Janal

Don't just take our word for it.  See for yourself how others have gained from coaching and consulting with Dan Janal.  Some of them may be people you know!

You are a PR genius. Thanks for suggesting a great strategy by identifying my key buyer and pushing me to go out of my comfort zone and have coffee with a stranger. With persistence I found the right person, got the coffee date, and walked away with a great ally who wants to publish my articles and book me as a speaker.

Henry DeVries
New Client Marketing Institute

Dan helped me figure out the right target market for my marketing strategy.  By using Google metrics, we defined my market niche and created a focused article campaign.  Fabulous progress in a short amount of time!  You are the smartest guy in PR I know, and I want to be doing more.  Can’t wait!

Mary Kelly
CEO, Productive Leaders

Dan Janal is the real deal.  I have learned as the president of a project management consultancy that recruits world-class talent how to identify individuals who are at the top of their field.  He combines top-tier education in his field, hands-on experience as a journalist, years of experience in PR, and a caring personality into one powerful package that helps clients get results.

Tres Roeder
Founder and President, Roeder Consulting

Dan Janal goes the extra hundreds of miles for you. The wise choice he made on my behalf to position me as a life coach instead of a relationship coach helped me receive tremendous buzz and traffic to my site. Simply said more business, more exposure and more avenues to help large audiences and continue to pursue my passion in life. What else can we ask for? My utmost gratitude to you Dan Janal.

Ana Weber

After just 30 minutes, Dan helped  me transform the ‘fog’ of trying to find the right media angle, to being crystal clear about what will work in the media. Thank you, Dan!  I’m excited to move forward with what we discussed today.

Christine Kloser
The Transformation Catalyst

Dan, your coaching and advising has truly added to the growth of my public relations campaign. You are a true partner and I appreciate your tireless effort to help improve and accelerate my success with the media.

Dr. David Washington
Author, Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life

One of the best things about working with Dan Janal  is his ability to apply his expertise and experience to the client’s specific needs.  He listens carefully to what you want to accomplish, and then provides the direction and roadmap to get there.  He goes the extra mile to deliver extraordinary service.  He is a valued colleague.

Gaye Lindfors
Right People. Right Performance. Right Results

Dan Janal taught me everything I need to know about SEO and press releases in 70 minutes! He's been a go-to for me for years. Before we sat down today, he said he was going to answer questions I didn’t even know to ask, AND HE WAS RIGHT! He has forgotten more about marketing, SEO, and publicity than most experts will ever know!

Michael Roby
Author, The Ultimate Small Cap Business

Dan, you opened doors which I did not know existed, and turned the strange and complicated world of PR into a simple, effective plan. As most brilliant people do, you made a complex process simple. Thank you.

Paul King
CEO, Hercules Networks

Dan and I teamed up on a project.  His dedication to getting results, underscored by his creativity made my job so much easier.  I was able to rely on him AND meet all my deadlines. When the results came in my client was thrilled.

Sharon Fenster
Fenster Communications

You’re the “real deal” when it comes to publicity because you got me more “ink” in two years with PR Leads than the other folks did in three years charging five times as much! What I need now is to turn some of that publicity into actual clients with your internet savvy skills.

Jeff Harris
Author, Retire Rich and Happy:12 Secrets to Retirement Success

I learned valuable info from your PR Leads intensive, Media Publicity and Thought Leadership. Thanks also for your individual counseling help in thinking through the next year publicity goals. Your expertise is so appreciated!

Candace Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL - Artistic Innovation in Healthcare

Dan’s coaching helped me get a reality check on what works in today’s marketplace.

I now have a more realistic game plan.

Bruce Freeman
ProLine Communications

Dan is a no nonsense, senior-level communicator with a strong grasp of what makes public relations campaigns work. Hire him if you want fast results from a real pro.

Eric Schwartzman
Author of the B2B Social Media Book; Producer of the PR Podcast

Thank you again for your help getting my positioning together. By the third day of the SF writer’s conference, I would start to say “modern-day Abraham” and the person I was meeting would cut me off and say “I’ve heard of you.” I met a lot of really interesting people. In terms of the tangibles, my top choice for agent asked for my proposal after a 30 second pitch using our tag line. I also have two boutique “change the world” publishers who asked for the proposal. All in all, I am totally psyched, and truly believe it would not have gone nearly as well without your help.

Gregory Marcus, Ph.D.
Author, Busting Your Corporate Idol

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