ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors who are done being the “best kept secret” while their competition steals all the headlines:

FINALLY: A Rinse-And-Repeat Blueprint That Gets You Quoted And Published In Major Media Publications, Getting You Thought Leadership – Plus New Clients, Speaking Engagements, Media Bookings, And More!

30+ year media trainer rolls up his sleeves and shows you how to get featured in top tier publications like Fast Company, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Success Magazine, and more!

Val Wright, Global Leadership and Innovation Expert

Thanks Dan, I am excited to be working with you. When I launched my business two years ago, you gave me great insight into the world of PR and media. I have since been quoted in over 30 publications, including a featured interview with I now want to step it up and increase my media presence and impact.

Val Wright, Global Leadership and Innovation Expert
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From The Desk Of:
Dan Janal, Media And Publicity Trainer
Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Author,

Before I share this game-changing information with you, I just want to say, I don’t know just exactly what you’ll find most exciting as you imagine how you’ll be putting this to use.

What’s important is that as you continue to notice that growing enthusiasm that you feel free to ask the questions that let you know, a fantastic decision is going to be made.

So will you promise me you’ll ask those questions?

Let’s start with a true story.

The First Thing 33 Miners Trapped Underground For 69 Days Wanted, More Than Anything Else (HINT: It Wasn't A Pizza With Extra Pepperoni!)

chilean-copper-gold-minerA few years ago, a group of 33 Chilean miners (“Los 33″) were trapped underground for 69 days.  Their plight made international headline news for weeks until they were finally rescued.

Even before they were brought back to the surface, what was the first thing the miners asked for?

Media training, specifically on how to speak to reporters.

Yes, they had been trapped 2,300 feet underground for over two months – for the first 17 days, presumed dead.

However, these miners were more concerned about knowing how to speak to reporters and tell their story the right way, than what most people assumed they’d care about first, following such an ordeal.

Again, they were asking for media training before they were even pulled out of the ground.

The Miners Knew It, And Thought Leaders Know It: Relationships With Reporters Make The Difference

confident-news-reporterCreating a strong working relationship, indeed a bond, with reporters means:

  • They will be delighted to quote you and feature you
  • You will get media exposure that positions you as the leader of your industry
  • Prospects will choose you instead of your competition, because you were in the news
  • You can charge higher rates (read: get paid more for the same work) due to your thought-leader status

Sounds good? Makes sense?  Well,  let me ask you…

  • Think like a reporter so you deliver the content and story they need to meet deadline?
  • Respond effectively to a reporter so they quote you and feature you?
  • Become a trusted resource major-media reporters can count on for a great quote or outstanding interview on short notice?
  • Get taken seriously by reporters – even as an “up and comer” in the eyes of your market?
  • Triage the right media in the first place – where, you learn the right way to become your own “Director Of Newspaper Research”, read the newspaper, and uncover “hidden” opportunities (that have been right there all along) seen, up until now, by your competition but not you?

If It Makes So Much Sense, Why Isn’t Every Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach And Author Doing It?

The ability to effectively craft and tell your story, and develop your relationships with major-media reporters, impacts your ability to grab headlines.

Yet, who teaches you to

Even though you have many years of formal education and years as a marketer under your belt, chances are your current media strategy is not putting you ahead of your competition or bringing in fresh clients and revenues, at least not the way you’d like it to be.

Candace Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL - Artistic Innovation in Healthcare

I learned valuable info from your PR Leads intensive, Media Publicity and Thought Leadership. Thanks also for your individual counseling help in thinking through the next year publicity goals. Your expertise is so appreciated!

Candace Campbell, DNP, RN, CNL - Artistic Innovation in Healthcare

"C’mon! How Hard Can It Be To E-Mail A Reporter? After All, I’m Here To Help, Right?"

You could have a point.  In fact, I sell targeted media lists through BullsEye Publicity to entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors with media savvy and skill when it comes to building relationships with reporters.

stressed-reporter-on-deadlineHowever, before you just run out, grab a list, and start firing off e-mails, look at it from the reporter’s view:

  • They get hundreds, if not thousands, of e-mails every single day, from people wanting publicity and “offering to help” in one way or another
  • Tighter news cycles mean tighter deadlines – they just don’t have the time to sift through it all
  • No time for due diligence – why even spend time researching to find out if you’re quality, or a quack?

Many media and publicity training programs for entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors give you fill-in-the-blank templates, short scripts, and formulas for communicating with reporters.

Hey, all of this is great; but when you consider the above, is it really enough to get your article published in Forbes or land you a column on Huffington Post?

That’s Why I Invite You To Claim Your Access To This Media Publicity And Thought Leadership Course

It doesn’t matter, not now, that you’ve sat by while your competitor – you know, the one who charges so much more, delivers so much less, and has been on the scene for all of 13 minutes – gets cited as “THE EXPERT” in YOUR field while you remain the industry’s best-kept secret.

It also doesn’t matter that this same competitor had been a newbie, knocking on your door asking you the “secret of your success” just 13 months ago – and now they’re zooming right past you.

Nor, is it important that you may have made several attempts at reaching out to reporters and gotten “Thanks!” as the reply.

What I will show you provides you the tools you need to

Create The Message And Story The Media Wants, Tell The Story To Reporters Who Love Working With You, And Get Published In Top Media Publications And Websites

Take a moment for yourself, and vision your new success attracting clients and increasing revenues once you achieve profound mastery of these “can’t be Googled” publicity success skills:

Part One: Focus On The Key Media And Reporters

Here’s a secret PR people don’t want you to know:

You can get more bang for your PR buck by focusing on the 5 or 10 media outlets that will truly make a difference in your life and your business. Don’t be fooled by trying to get into hundreds of outlets that aren’t read by your target audience or wouldn’t impress them if you bragged about it. Be focused.

In this session, you’ll get my essential tips on how to triage the right media so you don’t waste your time or your money.

Part Two: Create A Special Bond With Reporters

Reporters get so many pitches it isn’t funny. Yet, you can stand out from the crowd when you follow my secrets of success. You’ll learn how to think like a reporter, how to understand their stresses and how to interact with them.

Reporters will be treating you like a trusted resource – they will want to tell your story.

Part Three: Create Your Story, Article, Op/Ed, And Column Ideas

One size does NOT fit all when it come to the media. Each media outlet wants a story tailored for their audience. That’s okay, because you probably have several messages and several stories.

For example, you might have business tips, how-tos and a personal story. You learn how to develop these story ideas so they serve your to get new business. You also learn to craft these stories in a way that interest the media and their readers.

When you do that, you’ll hit a home run and get the coverage you want.

Part Four: Media Training: What You Say To Reporters

Sometimes reporters need thought leaders like you to say the “obvious” – and make it obviously memorable – just so they have a bona-fide expert to attribute a quote to.

(Basically: they’ve already decided what the quote will be, they just need to quote someone as having said it. That “someone” should be YOU.)

This segment has two parts: what you say (how to make your “obvious” quote memorable), and what you see (how to back up your quote with evidence and show your leadership).

You won’t have to wonder how to do this – once I show you the way.

Part Five: Pitch Your Story To The Media

Now you’re ready to pitch your story to the media. I will show you how to contact the media by email and by phone to maximize your chances for success – including how to get booked on radio and TV.

This is often the most challenging part.

Now rest assured: I will make it easier for you with a proven blueprint for success.

Part Six: Leverage Your Publicity To Get New Business

Now that you’ve been quoted, you need to tell the world. After all, the whole world didn’t all pick up the same newspaper at once and might not have seen the article.

You can’t wait to be “discovered.” It’s your job to show them you are a rock star!

You’ll learn the essential steps for getting the word out – in just a few quick minutes!

Seeing what you will be getting, you may find yourself wondering:

How Much More Thought Leadership And Business Growth Will You Experience With These New Publicity Power-Tools!

As I’m sharing all the ways this course will really benefit you, I just want to say, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s important that only happens in a way that feels good and right for you, because you can imagine benefiting from this for all your own reasons.

Now, one question that many are already asking,

"Dan, How Have You Made This Training Easy For Me To Consume And Get Me The Support I Need To Succeed?"

Feast your eyes as I lay out before you, the journey we will experience together as we arrive at your media publicity mastery and your blueprint for building and nurturing relationships with reporters:

“On-Demand” Video Training Sessions In The Comfort Of Your Home, Office, or Home Office

I will explain the concepts, and provide you the tools you need. These will take the form of worksheets, exercises, and feedback.

Each of the three “on demand” video training sessions is about an hour long, and come with video downloads, audio downloads, and PDF transcripts for your maximum immersion learning.

Plus, PDFs of the slides used in the videos, because many of you have told me you like to have them.

And the best part:

All three sessions, with all downloads, are immediately available as soon as you claim your access, so you can “marathon” the whole thing today if you so choose! :)

Nothing will be left out. Everything you need will be given to you.

Given the “on-demand” nature of this course, the next benefit is…you guessed it…

Access To Our 24/7 Course Members’ Area, For Your Convenience

As soon as you claim your access to this master course, you will create a username and password, unique to you, giving you access to our Members’ Area. Inside, you will find:

  • Recordings of every course module (in video, audio, and PDF transcript form)
  • All of the downloadable resources that help your success, and
  • The link to book your time to speak with me (while this benefit remains available)

That takes us to the third key benefit:

1-On-1 Coaching Call With Me, Personally, Within 30 Days After You Claim Access Today

Many feel it’s not enough to simply receive training and enjoy skills-and-drills exercises.

As you continue to immerse yourself and achieve a new level of thought leadership, questions and issues will arise from your implementation in the “real world” of today’s media environment that will require even more support.

For this reason, you will claim a 30-minute, 1-on-1 call with me, where you will set the agenda and the teacher (me) will partner with you in your success.

NOTE: due to time constraints and the popularity of this course, the 1-on-1 call is only available to the next few folks to claim this course.  Once my schedule fills up, this component will be pulled from this webpage, without notice.  Act now!

Knowing that a powerful decision is about to be made, knowing that others have blazed the trail for you and established their thought leadership, grown their businesses, and nurtured game-changing relationships with reporters and media influencers, is key to knowing the right decision.

So please, again, ask for anything that supports you in that.

Just listen to what just a small sample of my satisfied media and publicity coaching and training clients have said about the same material you are about to claim for yourself:

You are a PR genius. Thanks for suggesting a great strategy by identifying my key buyer and pushing me to go out of my comfort zone and have coffee with a stranger. With persistence I found the right person, got the coffee date, and walked away with a great ally who wants to publish my articles and book me as a speaker.

Henry DeVries
New Client Marketing Institute

Dan helped me figure out the right target market for my marketing strategy.  By using Google metrics, we defined my market niche and created a focused article campaign.  Fabulous progress in a short amount of time!  You are the smartest guy in PR I know, and I want to be doing more.  Can’t wait!

Mary Kelly
CEO, Productive Leaders

Dan Janal is the real deal.  I have learned as the president of a project management consultancy that recruits world-class talent how to identify individuals who are at the top of their field.  He combines top-tier education in his field, hands-on experience as a journalist, years of experience in PR, and a caring personality into one powerful package that helps clients get results.

Tres Roeder
Founder and President, Roeder Consulting

Dan Janal goes the extra hundreds of miles for you. The wise choice he made on my behalf to position me as a life coach instead of a relationship coach helped me receive tremendous buzz and traffic to my site. Simply said more business, more exposure and more avenues to help large audiences and continue to pursue my passion in life. What else can we ask for? My utmost gratitude to you Dan Janal.

Ana Weber

After just 30 minutes, Dan helped  me transform the ‘fog’ of trying to find the right media angle, to being crystal clear about what will work in the media. Thank you, Dan!  I’m excited to move forward with what we discussed today.

Christine Kloser
The Transformation Catalyst

Dan, your coaching and advising has truly added to the growth of my public relations campaign. You are a true partner and I appreciate your tireless effort to help improve and accelerate my success with the media.

Dr. David Washington
Author, Life is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life

One of the best things about working with Dan Janal  is his ability to apply his expertise and experience to the client’s specific needs.  He listens carefully to what you want to accomplish, and then provides the direction and roadmap to get there.  He goes the extra mile to deliver extraordinary service.  He is a valued colleague.

Gaye Lindfors
Right People. Right Performance. Right Results

Dan Janal taught me everything I need to know about SEO and press releases in 70 minutes! He's been a go-to for me for years. Before we sat down today, he said he was going to answer questions I didn’t even know to ask, AND HE WAS RIGHT! He has forgotten more about marketing, SEO, and publicity than most experts will ever know!

Michael Roby
Author, The Ultimate Small Cap Business

Thank you again for your help getting my positioning together. By the third day of the SF writer’s conference, I would start to say “modern-day Abraham” and the person I was meeting would cut me off and say “I’ve heard of you.” I met a lot of really interesting people. In terms of the tangibles, my top choice for agent asked for my proposal after a 30 second pitch using our tag line. I also have two boutique “change the world” publishers who asked for the proposal. All in all, I am totally psyched, and truly believe it would not have gone nearly as well without your help.

Gregory Marcus, Ph.D.
Author, Busting Your Corporate Idol

Dan is a no nonsense, senior-level communicator with a strong grasp of what makes public relations campaigns work. Hire him if you want fast results from a real pro.

Eric Schwartzman
Author of the B2B Social Media Book; Producer of the PR Podcast

"AWESOME Dan, I'm Convinced And Ready To Get Started! What's The Investment And How Do I Do It?"

Listen: before I show you how “caveman easy” I’ve truly made it for you to claim your access, it’s important that I make clear how important it is that you take fast massive action.

Because I’m rolling up my sleeves for you in an unprecedented way, more than just about any media trainer out there, only a select few, authors, speakers, coaches, and authors to step up, will be admitted.

Typically, I would charge at least $2500 for this level, and depth, of media training, however:

When you claim your seat now, your investment is just $777 USD (a 68% savings!)

And, there is an easy, 3-payment installment plan available if you need to spread your payments out a little.

Can’t beat that, when you take action now!

One Final Thought Before We Get Your Access Confirmed, Right Now

How many times have you opened the newspaper, just to see your competitor stealing the show…yet again?

How many times have you tried to contact reporters, but got frustrated due to lack of response and no exposure?

How much longer are you going to sputter along from one invoice to the next, rather than take this very important step that will make your best prospects beg for the opportunity to pay your (enhanced) rates?

"Dan, Now Is The Time. Let's Make This Happen. Put The 'RESERVED' Sign On My Spot Right Now!"

Just go here to claim your instant access to this “on-demand” course (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online order):

See you on the inside!

All the best,


Dan Janal
Founder, PR LEADS

P.S.  It’s no marketing tactic or “false scarcity” ploy – I really am limiting the number of 1-on-1 calls that will be available – and once my schedule gets full, I will pull that offer from this page without notice.  Reason being, everyone who claims this benefit now receives a great deal of personal attention from me, and I need people who are truly ready to take this step forward now.

P.P.S. Several folks who had told me back in October, they weren’t available for a “live” training, and asked to be notified if and when we created an “on demand” version.  This is me saying “YES” and “here it is” when you claim your access now:

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