ATTENTION: Entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and authors who've had enough of "standing still" while the competition gets all the industry recognition, media profile, and higher fees:

Become The "Go-To" Person In Your Market So You Help More People, Make More Money, and Get Recognized As The Expert You Are

If you're like most entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and authors, you love what you do, but wish you had more influence, more clients, and more money. That's where we come in.

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From The Desk Of:
Dan Janal, Media And Publicity Trainer
Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Author,

From working with hundreds of clients through our Publicity Leads to Profits programs and speaking on stages from Beijing to Budapest to Berkeley, I've discovered that many entrepreneurs face very similar challenges.

Take a moment to check in, and recognize for yourself which of these apply to you:


  • Are you frustrated when you see your competitors speaking at industry conferences while you sit in the back of the room – even though your message is more relevant, more interesting and more ground-breaking? Perhaps you do get invited to submit proposals for speaking, but feel like you are attending a cattle-call audition and you rarely get the part.
  • Naturally, you’ve gained a lifetime of experience working with interesting clients, or ground-breaking companies and you’ve created a new slant on the industry, but no one knows this – except you and a small following.
  • You’re frustrated, that other people who know LESS than you do are basking in the glory of fame but you are relegated to the back seats of conferences.
  • You get prospects to call you, but it is a hard sell to get them to buy. You have to overcome objection after objection after objection.
  • Perhaps you’ve bought infoproducts and books to help build your profile, but you never followed through with them. Perhaps you need to work with a person who can motivate you and hold you accountable.
  • Reporters continue to quote your competitors and you get mad whenever you see their names in print - all because you have not yet raised your brand image.

"Maybe you're not working hard enough?!  What are you really doing with all those hours you put in?"

Listen: smart entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and authors get asked that ingratiating question all the time.  It's usually followed with "well meaning" advice like:

Just make 10 more phone calls, and your business will grow exponentially.

Double your budget to attend seminars - yes, twice as many flights from hell, overpriced hotel rooms you won't get to enjoy, stale $17 "breakfasts", spending half your life waiting for a cab, and prying your eyelids open after already spending 12 hours in the seminar room, so you don't miss one second of networking, after-party, or after-after-party.  For three days straight.

Or - and this is a classic - "just suck it up, put your nose to the grindstone, and crank up the midnight oil".

Chances are, you've not only tried all these things, but you've gotten indigestion from your fill of them. It hasn't worked.  Something's being left out. You don't want to hear it anymore.

Well, great news!  I am going to show you a much better way.

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