What's Inside The "Secrets To Your Success" Program (Part 2)

As you may have seen yesterday, I outlined some of the fundamental outcomes you will gain through our new Secrets To Your Success Program, the first-of-its-kind to provide such deep insights into how to achieve your personal, business and financial goals, therefore creating the reality you want.

Since the doors are just about to open, I want to get into the content of the class in terms of some of the outcomes – the tools, techniques, and nuts-and-bolts "how-to" you’ll gain.

There are four parts to the course, as follows:

  • Module #1: Finding and Designing Your Recurring Income Model
  • Module #2: Creating Your Financial Freedom Map
  • Module #3: Designing A Life That Gives You All The Time You Want For The Things That Truly Matter
  • Module #4: Gaining And Keeping Prospects And Customers For Life

And, with each video you also get an MP3 audio version you can listen to while you exercise or drive, and a PDF of the slides used in the video so you can take the notes you need.

But an even greater question that so many of you have asked me is:

Who Is This Program For?

Obviously, it's for you!  Since you've stayed with me up until now, it makes sense that something I've shared these past few days is strongly resonating.

More specifically, this program will be of great help to you, if:

  • You have a decent income, but you have to work for every cent of it
  • You're still in "cash flow mode" and riding the revenue rollercoaster
  • You want to "give back" but your cup is empty - not enough money, not enough time
  • You look at your goals and see a lot of "if only"s, rather than "here's when"s.
Henry DeVries

You are a PR genius. Thanks for suggesting a great strategy by identifying my key buyer and pushing me to go out of my comfort zone and have coffee with a stranger. With persistence I found the right person, got the coffee date, and walked away with a great ally who wants to publish my articles and book me as a speaker.

Henry DeVries New Client Marketing Institute

What Will Happen When You Join Us For This First-Of-Its-Kind Entrepreneurial Success Program?

To begin, let's recap from yesterday:

You’ll overcome your internal roadblocks that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

You’ll develop the skills and knowledge to attract the perfect clients - and KEEP THEM FOR LIFE.

You'll find yourself on a direct trajectory toward a life where you get to do the kind of work, and take on the clients, you love - no more working with jerks just for the money.

Most of all:

You'll have all the time you want, for the things that truly matter!

What's more:

We'll work together - you and me - to build your Financial Freedom Map based on the famous, and powerful, methodology created by Tony Robbins - who taught ME a thing or three about financial freedom, back in the day - and look how nicely it worked out!

We'll identify multiple streams of revenue to build a business portfolio that has income pouring in regardless of changes in the market. One business environment changes, you'll still have 3 or 4 additional streams of revenue going strong and keeping your bank account full.

And most of all, we'll get you moving QUICKLY toward having a business where you make money literally every single day - weekends, holidays, vacation days and sick days - doesn't matter, your cash register will ring!

Seeing what you will be getting, you may find yourself asking:

"How Much More Personal, Business, And Financial Success Will I Experience With These New Power-Tools!"

As I'm sharing all the ways this course will really benefit you, I agree that it's important that only happens in a way that feels good and right for you, because you can imagine benefiting from this for all your own reasons.

So please, ask for anything that supports you in that, in the comments below.

If you prefer a private conversation, e-mail me at daniel@prleads.com (that’s MY e-mail address that I read!)

All the best,


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