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"Who Else Wants To Land Sales With No Resistance, Raise Your Prices And NEVER Compete For Business Again Thanks To Dan Janal's System For Avoiding Prospecting Altogether And Having Qualified Prospects Come To YOU?"

Bruce Freeman

Dan’s coaching helped me get a reality check on what works in today’s marketplace.

I now have a more realistic game plan.

Bruce Freeman ProLine Communications

From The Desk Of:
Dan Janal, Media And Publicity Trainer

Dear Public Relations Firm Owner,

If you’re looking to double or even triple your sales, take more time off, and enjoy increased income and certainty in your business, then this message will be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why…

I have created a confidential course called Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies.

It reveals my most potent sales and marketing strategies…so powerful that they will help you transform your business instantly.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing system:

    • How to NEVER compete for business again and, instead, have people competing to buy from you. You'll no longer be viewed as a commodity in your industry and can literally name your own price when it comes to doing business with you.
    • How to effortlessly train your customers to do business with you - on your own terms, as you prefer - without resistance or complaint. I've designed my life so I am not interrupted with 50 phone calls or hundreds of emails every day, and I'll show you how you can have that power.
    • My #1 cure for commoditization - how to make what you're selling unique and not subject to price comparison (99% of your competitors won't know what hit 'em!).
    • How to sell at substantially, even SHOCKINGLY higher prices than competitors... yet immunize your customers and clients against sticker shock. This is a powerful strategy for price presentation that prepares the client to accept a price they would likely find outrageous without this 'warm up'.
    • The 3 tipping points that will instantly get any potential customer or client or to be immediately moved to trust you and accept your advice at the drop of a hat. (And, of course, people only buy from whom they trust).
    • One irrationally powerful 'status-lift' you can use to be taller in your marketplace. This will allow you to be more important, trustworthy, and influential in your marketplace.
    • My 5 simple and easy sales breakthroughs I accidentally stumbled upon during my 30 years in sales and marketing that not only multiplied my clients' sales, but beneficially altered their very experience in selling.
    • How to avoid the 3 giant mistakes too many salespeople make with 'price'. Most salespeople under-price, negotiate away profit, tremble in fear over price, and lose sales because of 'price'. And this is all due to committing these three mistakes that can be fixed!
    • The REAL reason why your customer makes a price decision. If your customer shops prices, questions prices, and/or compares you to lesser-priced options, then there is a reason... within YOUR control.

    And, as you will discover when you claim your access to this program now, you will find it all inside a "TOP SECRET" online members' area.

    No muss, no fuss, no waiting days (or weeks) and tracking packages until it finally shows up on your doorstep one day after you've left for vacation.

    More on that in a moment.  But first:

    Why Should You Listen To Me?

    Hi, I’m Dan Janal. You might have heard of me because I’ve been in PR for the past 20 years. I wrote one of the first books about marketing on the Internet back in 1993 – yes that’s when Al Gore and I were the only people on the Internet! 🙂

    My six books published by John Wiley have been translated into six languages. I’ve spoken everywhere from Beijing to Budapest. I’ve even taught the first internet marketing class at Berkeley!

    And I’ve been running a solo PR practice since 1991. I’ve handled clients like IBM, The Reader’s Digest and even AOL – in fact, I was on the PR team that took AOL public!

    But, It Wasn't An Easy Ride, Especially At First....

    I spent a lot of time competing with other PR agencies – large and small.

    I spent a lot of time writing proposals that went nowhere.

    It was a long, frustrating battle to get clients.

    I was just like you!

    I’d speak at conferences and on teleseminars and webinars. I’d arrange for meetings and phoners and coffees to seal the deal. People loved my content but when I asked for the order, they ran away. Well, not literally. They just got up from them their seats and went to the next seminar!

    Part Of The Problem Was... ME.

    I was afraid to ask for the order.

    I was afraid of quoting too high a price that would scare them away.

    When it came time to ask for the order, I stumbled and didn’t sound confident. (Who would want to do business with someone like that?!)

    Or I’d be afraid of being rejected, so I wouldn’t even ask!

    Or I’d quote a fee that was much less than it should have been because I lacked confidence.

    Sure, I was attracting clients – some good, some not-so-good. You know the type. I had to work with high-maintenance clients.

    One guy even thought I was his psychologist because he kept telling me his personal problems! Even worse, he called at 5:59 p.m. just as I ready to stop working!

    I had to take on projects I didn’t really care about. It’s really hard to pitch a client if you don’t have enthusiasm for the product, but you have to do it anyway.

    (Sound familiar?)

    Worse: when I’d meet with new prospects, I’d quote them a fee, but when they hemmed and hawed, I would drop the price.  So now...

    ...I Was Doing MORE Work and Getting Paid Less! (Did this ever happen to you?)

    EVEN WORSE: I’d write a proposal and I’d be afraid to call them to ask for the order.

    I lied to myself and said I’d call them next Tuesday, or maybe a week from Wednesday. I didn’t want to appear to be pushy.

    But in reality: I was chicken.

    Have you ever dialed a phone and hung up just as it was starting to ring? (Me too!)

    That Was My Life, Until I Discovered How To Attract Clients and Destroy the Competition

    How did this happen? Not by accident. Successful people invest in themselves.

    I spent thousands of dollars and attended dozens of seminars – in person and online – to find sales and marketing tactics to attract clients – and customer service tactics to keep customers.

    I’m proud to say that I’ve had some clients for almost 15 years!

    And quite a few clients for more than a decade.

    Now I can decide who I want to work with and take on projects I can get really excited about.

    I don’t have to work on dull projects with high-maintenance clients.

    In fact, I reject bad prospects nearly every week!

    My Income – And My Life – Changed Dramatically

    dan-janal-5kOn a whim, I can go to my second home: a condo in San Diego with a panoramic view of the surfers in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

    Not to brag, but see that picture? That's me after running a 5K. (I'm older than I look.)

    My wife and I recently went to Cuba to celebrate my birthday - and I brought back cigars for my friends (I don’t smoke!)

    And now, when I drive to my clients’ offices, they see me drive up in my new Porsche Cayenne.

    They know they are dealing with someone who is strong, confident and knows his stuff.

    That makes THEM feel good!

    They know they made the right choice to retain my services.

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    Here's My Big "AHA" Moment

    I realized there were 8 essential steps to creating the dream business you truly desire:

    • 1


      You have to believe you have a service that is worthwhile to offer your clients and that you are the one who can do it.

    • 2


      You have to know what to say to get attention, build interest, create desire and get them to take action. You need to learn how to overcome objections that will inevitably appear in any conversation.

    • 3


      You have to stand out to get noticed. That’s not news to PR people. But as my Irish client says, “The shoemaker’s children have the worst shoes.” You’ll learn how to stand out from the competition – and be true to your own uniqueness.

    • 4

      Setting your fee and believing in it.

      The first sale is to yourself. You have to believe you have something worthwhile to offer and that your prospects will be better off when you do this for them.

    • 5


      Every conversation is a give and take. You have to learn how to roll with the tide so you have a smooth ride. You can get what you want, at your fee, without giving away the store. And you can make your prospect happy with the agreement.

    • 6

      Setting the client up for success.

      Many failed client relationships happen because of unrealistic expectations. Managing expectations is the most critical factor for success. If the client expects to be on the front page of the New York Times and you get them on the Today Show, they might be upset – even though you think they should open the champagne! This happens every day!

    • 7

      Building the seeds for long-term engagements.

      It’s easier to sell to an existing client than to find a new one. But many PR people don’t nurture relationships properly so they have a revolving door of clients. Your goal should be to find great clients and keep them for life. It can be done!

    • 8

      Creating an endless stream of high-quality referrals.

      There’s only one way to get referrals – and it isn’t by asking for them. If you do a great job, your clients will want to tell their colleagues and other divisions in the company. You’ll find out how to make this happens.

    Who Is The System For?

    You know PR, but you don’t know how to actually close the deal.

    This course is for you if:

    • You have clients, but you aren’t getting a good fee
    • You don’t know what to say or do during a sales call
    • You spend too much time writing proposals
    Henry DeVries

    You are a PR genius. Thanks for suggesting a great strategy by identifying my key buyer and pushing me to go out of my comfort zone and have coffee with a stranger. With persistence I found the right person, got the coffee date, and walked away with a great ally who wants to publish my articles and book me as a speaker.

    Henry DeVries New Client Marketing Institute

    IMPORTANT: This is NOT a social media marketing course.

    You probably know all you need to know about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    We will discuss some client-attraction strategies, but I’ll assume you know how to use social media.

    In fact, you probably want to spend more time on social media than on face-to-face selling!

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    What Will Happen When You Watch The Videos In This Course (Available Online In A "TOP SECRET" Members' Area)?

    You’ll overcome your internal roadblocks that are preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

    You’ll develop the skills and knowledge to attract the perfect clients.

    You’ll be working with clients you really like – and who get you!

    You’ll be working on great accounts that inspire you to do great things.

    You’ll be getting paid what you are worth - and you’ll be able to do all the good things that come with that!

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    Skeptical?  Here Are Two Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I Say

    Dan Janal and Jack Welch (Former Chairman of GE)

    Reason one:  I have 30 years' worth of case studies and experience in attracting and keeping new publicity clients.

    In addition to my own hands-on experience, I've attended dozens of conferences and webinars to learn from the masters.

    I've spent thousands of dollars on my education in sales, marketing, customer service and customer experience.

    Now YOU can benefit from that investment.

    Reason two:  I put my money where my mouth is with a 100% money-back, no-risk, double guarantee. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and have never offered anything without a guarantee.

    If you do the work and follow through, you will get new clients and the course will pay for itself. You either get results and make back your investment or you don’t pay.

    Pure and simple. More on the guarantee in a second.

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    In Fact... Here Are Some Results I’m Currently Getting For My Clients:

    How would you like to get $20,000-$50,000 per month in extra income?

    Even if you only employ 1% of what you’ll discover in Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies, it will more than make up the small investment in this program in increased revenue.

    Now, you absolutely don’t need me to grow your business.  You can try to piecemeal everything together yourself and do the “trial and error” approach.

    You could also waste thousands of dollars on books and courses and try to create your own system without being able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    - OR -

    You can use a system designed specifically for small businesses like yours.  It’s 100% guaranteed to work for you and has over 30 years - and a collective $5 million dollar’s worth of sales - standing behind it.

    Boost Your Business: Sales And Persuasion Strategies will show you how to speed up the sale - even in situations with typically slow or elongated sales cycles.

    You’ll also discover how to speed up trust and rapport so you can get "first-presentation closes".

    Think about it: getting more first-presentation closes instead of “think it overs.”

    Attracting more buyers than tire-kickers or “looky-loos”.

    And earning more by selling faster.

    It’s easy.  It’s professional.  And it works.

    Christine Kloser

    After just 30 minutes, Dan helped me transform the ‘fog’ of trying to find the right media angle, to being crystal clear about what will work in the media. Thank you, Dan!  I’m excited to move forward with what we discussed today.

    Christine Kloser The Transformation Catalyst
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    Warning! Do Not Buy Any Client Attraction And Selling Unless It Meets The Following 3 Criteria...

    Listen, there’s a lot of “hype” and confusion surrounding marketing your PR firm.

    It’s impossible to know whom to trust. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have before you invest in any system.

    prc questionsOne:  Does the course give you PRACTICAL strategies on sales and persuasion?  Many programs just dwell on theory but don’t reveal any practical steps you can implement right now. They also don’t give you any examples of clients who have used and implemented these systems. You should insist on getting practical steps, like “Step 1: Do This…,” and “Step 2: Do This next…” etc.

    Two: Does the author have actual experience in the field?  I am an author of 9 books on PR and marketing and I get paid up to $10,000 for a speech. I have over 30 years of “in the trenches” experience in marketing and selling. I only say this because most marketing books are written by people that don’t have any real-world experience.

    Three:  Does the system have a 100% money-back guarantee? There should be an “out” if the system doesn’t work for the customer.

    That way there’s absolutely no risk to you. That way, the system is essentially free.

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    You’ll Get At Least 10 Times Your Money's Worth When You Take Action Right Now

    Think about it for a moment…

    By simply watching the videos, you could go from competing for your client’s business - to doing business on YOUR terms.

    Don’t want to work on Fridays? No problem.

    Don’t want to be bombarded with emails and phone calls 24 hours a day? You can do it.

    You’ll be able to demand so much respect and take such complete control that your prospect cannot help but throw his wallet onto the table - without concern for price.

    Listen: as a direct and immediate result of hearing Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies, I promise you’ll get your investment back and more.

    Oh, and while I’m predominantly talking about face-to-face selling, one-on-one in the boardroom or the kitchen, or to groups from the stage...

    ...this also applies to ANY selling situation: by media, print, web, teleseminars, webinars, , and so on. So you’re essentially getting two programs for one.

    Amy Showalter

    I believe in working with people who deliver results. Dan Janal is the PR specialist who does just that.  As an author and consultant with a full practice, I don’t have time to conduct extensive media outreach.

    When I want media placements, Dan is my go-to resource. He is able to take a concept and make it relevant so that the media runs with it and search engines prioritize it.

    Dan’s fun to brainstorm with and has never missed a deadline or broken a promise.  Quite simply, you need to hire Dan Janal!

    Amy Showalter The Showalter Group, Inc.
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    You'll Start Closing More Sales More Often, And Developing Such A Tight Bond With Your Customer, They Wouldn't DREAM Of Working With Someone Else

    Wouldn’t you agree that discovering these secrets to landing sales with this kind of ease would be well worth $1,000, $2,000…even $3,000 or more?

    Well, how about just $497 $347?

    That’s right, I’m going to give you my Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies so potent, so powerful that they ought to require a weapon permit for only $497. (Only $347 if you take action by tonight at midnight).

    Just one or two extra customers or clients you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten using your existing sales process will more than make up for the meager price of this system.

    Claim Your Instant Access Now

    Still Skeptical?  Remember: You’re Backed Up By My Remarkably Generous DOUBLE Guarantee

    Your First Guarantee:  You have 2 full months to examine everything, use what you wish and, if for any reason, or even no reason at all, you want a full refund, just return everything and you’ll get your money back immediately.  NO questions asked.  You do not need a “my dog ate my homework” story.  No questions, no hassle, no fine print.

    Incidentally, we are devoted to helping small businesses and working with satisfied customers so if you’re not going to profit from the system, we would prefer to buy it back.

    Your Second Guarantee:  If you keep the package after the first two months, we will ride along with you for another 10 months and if, after a full year from purchase, you can show us proof that you have used at least one strategy or tool from Boost Your Business: Sales And Persuasion Strategies, and you can look us in the eye on paper and tell us that you didn’t get your money’s worth, we will still refund every penny you’ve paid.

    That means you can try it for free.  It will either be free thanks to the immediate surge of sales you’ll get, or it will be free if you return it for a full refund.

    Claim Your Instant Access Now

    Now it’s time to change your attitude about ‘closing’ and stop trying to ‘close’, stop struggling to ‘close’, and

    Start Working With Clients Who Are Pre-Determined To Work With You!

    Take action today and discover the blunt, unvarnished truth about what it takes to render all competition and possible comparisons impotent and irrelevant - and take “choice” out of the selling equation altogether (for your prospect).

    Add Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies to your cart today, and get ready for a huge quantum leap in how you sell face-to-face, one-on-one in the boardroom or in the kitchen, or to groups from the stage.

    What are you going to do with the extra income you’ll be able to spend when you’re closing more customers, clients or patients at higher prices than you ever though possible with absolutely no resistance at all?

    Get ready for higher closing rates, less worries and more FUN in your business as you’re making more money than you’ve ever made before.

    Jeff Harris

    You’re the “real deal” when it comes to publicity because you got me more “ink” in two years with PR Leads than the other folks did in three years charging five times as much! What I need now is to turn some of that publicity into actual clients with your internet savvy skills.

    Jeff Harris Author, Retire Rich and Happy:12 Secrets to Retirement Success
    Claim Your Instant Access Now

    Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,


    Dan Janal

    P.S.  The worst thing you can say is “My Business Is Different.” Thinking this is the enemy of progress. And Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies will arm you with an arsenal of so many sales and persuasion tips and tactics you’ll need a wheelbarrow to take your money to the bank. So take action today.


    P.P.S.  One more thing: this course isn’t about using “brute force” selling tactics that involves manipulating your prospect with hard closing techniques and other barbaric selling tactics. This is about engineering the natural and automatic sale.

    The investment in Boost Your Business: Sales and Persuasion Strategies is a painless drop in the bucket compared to being frustrated because you’re not closing as many potential customers and clients as possible.

    So don’t mess around, claim your access to Sales And Persuasion Strategies right now, before you kick yourself later that you missed this offer.

    Yes Dan! I Want To Render My Competition Irrelevant And NEVER Compete For Business Again.  Send Me Your Time Tested And PROVEN System For Uncovering Clients Who Are Pre-Determined To Do Business With ME.

    I know that the old-school way of selling no longer works, and I am tired of being the low person on the totem pole in my market and niche. I KNOW I need something different to raise my income, my status, and my power in my marketplace.

    I know that I could get my money back over and over again when I will get more sales with ease…at prices I want.  That’s because I’ll have the power (not my prospect) thanks to the tips, techniques, and strategies I’ll discover in this program.

    And I know I’m covered by your generous iron-clad "Double Guarantee", so there’s no way I can make a mistake here.  I can implement these “weapons of mass persuasion” in my market and see an immediate return on investment.  If I don’t, I don’t pay.

    Yes Dan, I’m ready.  Please give me instant access to Boost Your Business: Sales And Persuasion Strategies so I can do business on my OWN terms, and NEVER compete for clients ever again.

    Dan Janal’s "Boost Your Business: Sales And Persuasion Strategies"

    Yes Dan, Give Me My Access Now!Just $347 - 30% Limited-Time Discount

    (Still on the fence?  Call Dan at (952) 380-9844 or e-mail dan@prleads.com to see if this course is right for you.)

    Mary Kelly

    Dan helped me figure out the right target market for my marketing strategy.  By using Google metrics, we defined my market niche and created a focused article campaign.  Fabulous progress in a short amount of time!  You are the smartest guy in PR I know, and I want to be doing more. Can’t wait!

    Mary Kelly CEO, Productive Leaders

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